Monday, April 4, 2011

Case of the Week 155

Welcome Mayo Clinic Medical Students to the Parasitology Case of the Week. Please look at the case below and answer the question using Blackboard.

The following worm was retrieved during a screening colonoscopy near the ileocecal valve: (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE)

By gently 'prodding' the worm with an applicator stick, the following eggs were expressed:


QUESTION: (Mayo Medical Students - Please answer on Blackboard)
Which of the following are true regarding this parasite?
1. It is an intestinal trematode (fluke)
2. Symptoms of infection tend to increase with worm burden
3. Ongoing autoinfection results in long lasting infection (decades)
4. Infection is acquired following ingestion of undercooked meat
5. Eggs are infectious within hours of being laid

Many thanks to Bill Pasculle who donated this interesting case and beautiful photographs!