Sunday, July 22, 2012

Answer to Case 217

Answer:  Mite, not Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies mite).

When we called the ordering physician, we were told that this "fuzz" was possibly part of a bird's nest that was found by a concerned patient.  It was unclear why the material was sent to the laboratory for identification, other than the fact that the patient was VERY concerned that the mites were a threat to her.  According to the physician, the patient had not exhibited any bites or rash that would be consistent with mite bites.

Although we do not have a full identification on these mites, we can say that they are most likely fowl mites, based on their larger size and general appearance.  Their presence in the bird's nest would also be consistent with this identification. They are too large to be dust mites and are not consistent with scabies mite, Sarcoptes scabei

Many "non-human" mites can occasionally bite humans, especially when the primary host (e.g. bird) is not available.

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