Friday, February 8, 2013

Answer to Case 245

Answer:  Schistosoma mansoni eggs

This was a bit of a 'trick' case, since many of the lateral spines were skewed and therefore some appeared to be present at the terminus of the egg rather than the lateral aspect.  However, a closer examination shows that the spines are at a number of different angles and are larger than would be expected for a S. hematobium terminal spine:

Compare these 'skewed' spines to a true terminal spine of S. hematobium:

The other helpful feature of this case is that nicely oriented lateral spines, characteristic of classic S. mansoni eggs, are also present.  While it is not impossible for both S. mansoni and S. hematobium eggs to be present in the same specimen, it would be highly unlikely.

And now a poem from Blaine Mathison:
Octavius’ Roman legions were advancin’
and Anthony didn’t want to be held for ransom
he had too much at stake
so he jumped in a lake
and acquired the trematode named for Patrick Manson

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