Monday, August 4, 2014

Case of the Week 313

The following case was generously donated by Florida Fan.  These images were all obtained from specimens submitted from a 5-year old girl who was possibly the daughter of a migrant farmer.  Identification?  Bonus:  name the forms!

This one is my favorite:

5 comments: said...

Man, what a lousey case!

(Bottom to top, except favourite, Nit, nymph, adult)

Vanessa said...

Wonderfully apt! I'm currently in Utah at the International Conference of Phthirapterists! We've had a lot of talks about these little guys. Pediculus humanus capitis. At least given the age of the patient I hope they're head lice and not body lice!

Anonymous said...





of Pediculus humanus.

-HLCM fan

Anonymous said...

Pediculus humanus: Male, Female, Egg, Nymph...I agree!


Anonymous said...

Pediculus humanus capitis / Pediculus humanus humanus

i) Male adult
ii) Female adult
iii) Egg (Nit)
iv) Nymph

Wan Hafiz