Sunday, March 23, 2008

Case of the Week 14

Welcome to the Parasite Case of the Week.
Every Monday there will be a new case, as well as the answer to the previous case (you will find it below the corresponding case). Please feel free to leave a comment or your thoughts regarding the diagnosis. Enjoy!

The following can be found in your backyard - in a flowerpot filled with water or an ornamental pond. They are one stage in the life cycle for which organism? Click on image to enlarge.

Watch 'em wriggle:

Bonus for entomology students: What subfamily is represented here?

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Heather said...

I believe these are mosquito larvae. (I am somewhat ashamed to say that we grew a nice batch of these in a neglected backyard kiddie pool one summer.) Would the subfamily be Culex? (I am definitely NOT an entomology student, but am willing to take a guess!)