Monday, March 23, 2009

Case of the Week 62

The following was seen on a slide prepared with unstained blood from a Sudanese immigrant. What is your preliminary diagnosis?

Initial view from 100x magnification

Higher magnification (1000x)



Alasdair Hill said...

A bit of a guess here, but Loa loa??

Anonymous said...

I agree Loa loa - Scott

Anonymous said...

Could it be Strongyloidiasis.

From: Mayo New England

Anonymous said...

I see rouleax formation..... BW from VT

pathresident said...

I agree,what's up with the massive rouleaux-ing? And the worm's just gross, but loa loa also came to mind.

Anonymous said...

Should the list of possibilities be expanded to include Wuchereria and Mansonella?