Sunday, May 16, 2010

Answer to Case 117

Question 1. Malaria due to Plasmodium malariae infection. Notice that there is no stippling present, and that the infected red blood cells are the same size or slightly smaller than the neighboring uninfected cells. Also shown here are the 'classic' stages of P. malariae in peripheral blood.

Question 2. From top to bottom, the forms and nicknames are:
a. Early stage trophozoite or Ring form (Nicknamed bird's eye because the chromatin dot appears to be inside the ring like an eye)
b. Late stage trophozoite (Nickname: Band form)
c. Late stage trophozoite (Nickname: Basket form)
d. Mature Schizont (Nicknamed Rosette, or 'daisy head' because the merozoites line up around a central ball of granular brown-yellow pigment like petals on a flower).

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