Sunday, January 30, 2011

Answer to Case 148

Answer: Non-parasite.

This case was signed out as "Not a human parasite. Most closely food material."

Specifically, we thought this looked like a citrus fruit juice sac (the little pieces of a citrus fruit like an orange or grapefruit).

Go the the Visual Dictionary for a nice schematic of what I'm referring to.

In order to prove our hypothesis, one of our lab techs sacrificed her orange and we dissected it. I think the resemblance to our specimen is clear:

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Charlie 103 said...

I disagree with the orange piece being the same as the specimens if you look at the specimen the one on the top you notice that is elongated and along the perimeter you'll notice various shapes plus the upper portion has like too long looks like a tuning fork my diagnosis is Sarcoptic scabies if you look at the specimens that you have next to the orange piece even though the bands go horizonally look towards the top the water section of the more like the posterior and you'll see the same scabie shapes that are in the top figure that's my conclusion the advantage that you have here is that both specimens are translucent your orange slice is not