Monday, December 12, 2011

Case of the Week 188

The following objects were found in the clothing of an 18 month old child. They measure approximately 3mm in length.

By manipulating them with a wooden applicator stick, the following was expressed out of these objects (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE):

(100x original magnification)

(400x original magnification)

Thanks to Emily in my lab for these beautiful photos!


Neuro_Nurse said...

Dipylidium caninum

parasite spy said...

Body lice eggs.

Anonymous said...

D. caninum proglottids->egg packets

Anonymous said...

Grain of rice appearance. Dipylidium caninum proglottids for sure. Have only seen D. caninum proglottids once in my career. FP in Vt

Anonymous said...

marvellous! Was the child actually infected with D. caninum, or had she/he been playing in a dog poo area...?

MicrobeMan said...

Definitely Dipylidium caninum. Was it merely coincidental that you posted Ctenocephalides last week? Regardless, it's very appropriate, seeing as that both adult C. canis and C. felis can carry the cysticercoid form of D. caninum to people. Excellent case!