Monday, May 25, 2015

Case of the Week 350

This week's case is in honor of the Live Global Health Course sponsored by the University of Minnesota, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I have the honor of teaching the Entomology lab tomorrow along with Blaine Mathison, and therefore thought I would choose an entomology case for you this week.  This week's case was generously donated by Florida Fan.

The patient is a young girl that had been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. Scalp scrapings were submitted to the laboratory for fungal culture and smear and the following were seen: 



Javier Martinez said...

Sarcoptes Scabiei (?)

Anonymous said...

Pediculus humanus var capitis

-HLCM fan

Olivier said...

Pediculus humanus no doubt... A male and a female !
I had tens of them, with my daughter as well. The father (me) was happily surprised to have suddenly so many creepy crawlies to observe and mount on slide !
Do not forget me for the ticks Bobbi !

PS : the following one was not found on my daugter's head !

Bobbi Pritt said...

Olive, you should have received the ticks by now. Can you check with your office staff? I think I sent them 2 weeks ago now.

Olivier said...

Nothing yet ! I hope it will come soon... :-(
Many thanks anyway !
I like the name Olive ! ;-)

Bobbi Pritt said...

Hmm..hopefully it's just taking awhile because it's international shipping. Sorry about 'Olive' - I blame the autocorrect function on my phone :-)

Anonymous said...

Male and female Pediculus humanus


Olivier said...

Hi Bobbi !
I received finally the ticks today ! Many thanks for this. Your business card (I should say blog card) is very nice.
I will admire this wonder thanks to you in the coming days, and one day (it will require time) some microscopic photos will appear on my new blog.
Thanks you for inspiring me. If you get some exotic Anoplura or Ixododa I would be deeply interested. I won't miss them on your blog ! ;-)
Thanks for your nice blog !

Bobbi Pritt said...

That's great news Olivier! I'm so glad they made it. There is a tiny larva in there for you as well as a nymph and male and female adults. Enjoy, and best of luck with your web site! Bobbi