Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Answer to Case 355

Answer:  Cyclospora cayetanensis

Florida Fan nicely described the diagnostic features of this case:

1. Round non-staining oocysts on Trichrome stain with a wrinkled, "ground glass" appearance
2. Positive staining with modified acid fast stain
3. Larger size (8-10 microns in diameter), distinguishing the oocysts from those of Cryptosporidium species.

Florida Fan mentioned that he has been seeing cases of cyclosporiasis recently in Florida. As a national reference lab, we have also seen a number of cases recently from around the country - upper Midwest, Northeast, and South - thus leading me to think that we have a small outbreak going on. I know that the CDC is currently investigating this possibility, so I anticipate hearing more on this soon!

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