Monday, June 18, 2018

Case of the Week 498

Dear readers, I will soon be posting my 500th Case. Hooray!! To celebrate, I would like to recognize the creativity of my readers by displaying a photograph of your parasite-related artwork on my blog. I will then put the names of all of the individuals who submitted a photo of their art in a hat and pick 3 names to receive a special parasite prize ☺ If you would like to send me a photo that I can post on my blog on July 2nd, please send it to

Now for this week's case - some beautiful eggs from my lab (images and video by Heather Rose):



Lyne said...

Eggs of Taenia sp.

Blaine A. Mathison said...

I will not eat green eggs and ham,
I will not eat them Sam-I-Am.

I will not eat them on a stoop
for I'll get structures like this in my poop!
I will not eat them in a well
I don't want to shed objects with a striated shell!
I will not eat them on a stack of books!
I don't want anything in me with six razor hooks!

So, if I eat green eggs and ham,
Taenia solium might be diagnosed in my O&P exam.
And if they contaminate some pancake batter
they might end up in someone's gray matter!

So I will not eat green eggs and ham,
I will not eat them Sam-I-Am!

...of course, this verse only applies to T. solium, which cannot be morphologically distringuished from T. saginata or T. asiatica.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Toenia species eggs. The striated shell and hexacanth booklets say it all. This week we get the additional benefit, a nice poem by Blaine.
Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, the layman's spelling check played a trick on my second foreign language. I meant "hooklets" instead of booklets.
My apology,
Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

In Spanish we say: "los árboles no te dejan ver el bosque" (“The trees don't let you see the forest” or something similar). In addition to Taenia's eggs you can see, especially in photo 2, Giardia trophozoites and in the video also Entamoeba cysts are seen.
Great photos and video. I love this week's case, Bobbi.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, folks. With the excitement, I think I've seen too much. The so-called Entamoeba cysts now look like Giardia cysts to me ;-)

William Sears said...

taenia sp.

Idzi P. said...

Hahaaa! Very keen eyes, Luis!!!
Indeed: eggs of Taenia sp. together with trophozoites (and cysts in the video) of Giardia lamblia!

M.C. Martín R. Hernández C. said...

if it is from fecal matter of human can be a parasite of the genus Taenia, but if the sample is from a canid or feline, can be of the genus Taenia or the genus Echinococcus

Anonymous said...

Gracias muchísimas Luis por mostrarnos los trophozoitos y quistes de Giardia lamblia. Vi solamente "los arboles pero no bosque" la primera vez.
Florida Fan

ali mokbel said...

"Encapsulated" Taenia sp. ova are seen, the capsule is most likely due to a "fresh" laying of eggs from the gravid proglottids.
In addition, as indicated by Idzi and Luis, cysts and trophs of Giardia intestinalis are seen but with poor resolution.