Monday, July 2, 2018

Case of the Week 500!!!

Welcome to my 500th Parasite Case of the Week - a special celebration of our parasitology community.

I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful readers. You keep me on my toes, send me amazing cases, and teach me a lot. I had asked for submissions of your parasite-related artwork and received some amazing entries. I put the names of all contributors into a hat and randomly selected the following 3 names:
Sheldon Campbell
Piotr Kochan
Melanie Riblett

Congratulations! I will reach out to you later to give you your prizes :)

So now without further ado, here are all of the fabulous parasite creations of our talented group:

Kate Grannis - chalk art
Marc Courturier - baked goods

Blaine Mathison - Halloween cupcakes! AND pinworm eggs - a giant scotch tape prep:

 Andrea Dahl - multimedia ticks!

Melissa Blessing - Giant Microbe® ghostie and bandit

Heather Rose and family - Ixodes scapularis adults and larva

Mark Fox - ink drawing of Haemonchus contortus

Alexandra Bryson - Loa loa costume

Kelly Hedlund (submitted by Ryal Relich) - Trypanosoma cruzi crochet art

The Winters - Clonorchis and snail host costumes
Mark Fox and Kristine - our lovely hookworm couple

Piotr Kochan - photography, Ascaris and Giardia

Idzi Potters - photography
'nebula' stool crystal
 Toxocara cati adult worm
 Tunga penetrans
Tunga party!
Melanie Riblett - Easter eggs!
Frances Dodge - photography

And finally, from Sheldon Campbell, the fabulous singing microbiologist:
Click HERE to hear Sheldon live!

Home in the Gut

Copyright © 2001 by Sheldon Campbell

Oh give me a home where the parasites roam

Where the worms play in cheerful delight

Where the ova are shed, and the larvae are bred

And the pinworms crawl out in the night


Home, home in the gut

Where the worms play in cheerful delight

Where the ova are shed, and the larvae are bred

And the pinworms crawl out in the night

Oh hookworm am I, my ova go by
In your stool and then hatch in the mud
They punch through your skin, and migrate again
To the gut, where they suck out your blood


I live in the stream of the bile that's green
I'm Clonorchis, so please get it right
And my life's greatest wish is to enter a fish
And then you with your sushi tonight


I cling to the wall, a tapeworm so tall
Borne by pork I came to this new home
Now while I procreate, you've got a sure date
'Cause with me you are never alone


Please come swim with me, so that we can be free
To burrow into your bare legs
We just copulate, so we can populate
Your liver with our extra eggs


The rectum’s my home, but I would love to roam
And lay my eggs out on your butt
I know it’s a bitch, but when you scratch that itch
My kids get into your kid’s gut. 


Anonymous said...

Absolutely over-the-top-excellent, all you parasitophiles! The ideas, their execution and that ballad are all acts of genius.
You have made my day.
Good going Bobbi!
BW in Vt

Idzi P. said...

I just LOVE that song Sheldon!

Idzi P. said...

...and Dr. Pritt...
Keep on doing this stuff!!
We learn a bit more every week, thanks to your cases!
Congrats with your 500th case Dr. Pritt!!!

Blaine Mathison said...

Wow, Melanie's Easter eggs are a brilliant idea!!!!

Bobbi Pritt said...

I agree Blaine! I think I need to do some special Easter egg paintings next year!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pritt:
Congratulations to this milestone. The blog certainly is so educational to us all. The cases sometimes easy and sometimes quite challenging, they never are boring. Guess how many lives we have touched?
Florida Fan