Monday, June 1, 2009

Case of the Week 71

The following is a section of a large invasive liver mass from a farmer and hunter in the Midwestern U.S. He reports no travel history outside of the U.S.



Anonymous said...

It looks like Iodamoeba Butshlii.

Anonymous said...

A thinly-walled multi-loculated cystic lesion in the liver does not have a large differential diagnosis. I don't see actual liver tissue in these sections, although there is a lot of fibrous tissues strengthening the septae. I think I see scolices. My diagnosis is one of the Echinococcus spp.


Anonymous said...

I dont read tissue slides but the the third image looks Ent histolytica trops with ingested RBCs but would expect to see the puntate karyosome and if it is an amebae, the size needs to be determined. Excellent images and learning op. Thanks a million for sharing this case history and having a blog