Sunday, June 7, 2009

Case of the Week 72

This weeks Case is a bit more straight-forward:

The following object was identified in the diaper of an infant by his mother. It measures approximately 6 mm in length, and was white and motile. Shown here is the object mounted on a slide and stained with carmine (2x objective; 20 times original magnification.

(10x objective; 100 times original magnification)


Anonymous said...

Dipylidium caninum gravid proglottid. Pt must have pets (dogs and cats) with heavy flea infestation I assume
Excellent stain and image
What is your resource for treatment?
The Medical Letter?

I found a scolex one time and it was very tiny


Anonymous said...

Wow. this one is hard for me. Whatever it is, it looks pregnant.