Monday, June 29, 2009

Case of the Week 75

A patient who recently returned from the Philippines presented with recurrent fevers, chills, and sweating. A peripheral blood smear showed the following (Giemsa stain, 1000x original magnification, oil immersion). Identification?


Alasdair Hill said...

Plasmodium ovax! Lol.... but seriously I would say P. vivax over P. ovale due to the geography.

Unless you have put up a sneaky P. knowsli? Though they are more similar to P. malarie which doesn't have Schuffner's dots.

Thanks again Bobbi for your blog... definately keeping my diagnostics in trim shape (I hope, unless I got this one wrong!).

Anonymous said...

P.vivax b/c it's light, lacy, lavender and larger than a red cell. So lovely in a picture, not life.

PathAttending(formerly pathresident)woot!

ian said...

I would say P. vivax as well.

Heather said...

I disagree. I would call this P. ovale due to the marked fimbriation, very dark and heavy stippling, enalarged, oval shape of the infected RBCs, and the compact nature of the malarial organisms themselves.