Monday, January 4, 2010

Case of the Week 100

Welcome to the first case of 2010!

The follow sections of colon were taken from a Mexican farmer who presented with acute bowel perforation. Numerous deep and confluent ulcers were seen along the length of the colonic mucosa.



Heather said...

I'm struggling with all these cut-up things! :) I think this must be the cross-section of a worm of some sort, but could only guess at which one. Do you have any tips for how to approach this diagnosis more scientifically? :)

Alasdair Hill said...

E. histolytica - amoebitic colitis.... looks like a red blood cell has been phagocytosed by the parasite.

Anonymous said...

Entameoba histolytica.
BW in Vt

nathan kiraga said...

although its hard to see if there's any RBC lysis, The ulceration gives it away that its caused by E. histolytica the most pathogenic one among amoebas.