Monday, January 7, 2013

Case of the Week 240

The following ciliated objects were seen in a Papanicolaou-stained cytospin specimen of bronchoalveolar fluid.  The referring cytopathologist was concerned for potential parasites.  (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE)



Anonymous said...

The ciliated objects may very much be the ciliated cells of the respiratory tract. Together with their neighboring goblet cells, they form the excretory mechanism of the respiratory system.
Well, that's my best guess.

Florida fan

Anonymous said...

I would go with respiratory cells as well.

Charo said...

Bronchial epithelium cells. When these cells disintegrate, the ciliary tufts may be visible and may be confused with protozoan flagellates or ciliates (From Diagnostic Medical Parasitology- Lynne Shore Garcia).

Anonymous said...

I think ciliocytophthoria, which is associated with adenovirus infection, but not a parasite infection from what I know.

CP in VT

Anonymous said...


Salbrent said...

Not a parasite but UFOs (non parasitic objects)
ciliated epi cells

Anonymous said...

Ciliated Epis!


Lionel said...

I agree, not a parasite.