Sunday, November 27, 2011

Answer to Case 186

Answer: Not a human parasite

I apologize to my readers that I don't know exactly WHAT this is. A consensus of knowledgeable parasitologists thought that this was not a human parasite, and possibly an artifact or fungal element. Meanwhile, my mycology colleagues did NOT think that this was a fungal element. Responses from the viewers also included Turbatrix aceti (vinegar eel) and hair.

The good news for this patient is that this is not a human pathogen and simply an incidental finding.

Thank you all for writing in with your interesting ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Probable macroconidia! It should germinate if kept warm and wet. Each segment will generate a hyphae. The presence in the body indicates a fungal mass is well established. Most reported macroconidia producing fungi are dermal; although some are found in the lungs and other internals. Use of steroidal anti-inflammatories, fluticasone, beclamethasone, dexamethasone, for expample, may cause proliferation.