Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Case of the Week 228

The following objects were seen in a Pap-stained ThinPrep-preserved specimen of pleural fluid in a 50 year old male with chest pain, right fluid collection, and a lung mass.

100x original magnification

200x original magnification

400x original magnification

400x original magnification


Eagleville said...

? paragonimus

Anonymous said...

Paragonimus sp. ,lungfluke

Fred P Vt said...

yup Paragomimus

Unknown said...

Paragonimus westermani
- found in sputum
- medium sized egg (100um range) with operculate, unembryonated

Anonymous said...

For sure, it better be P. Westermani ova. The case history and the site fit. The annular suboperculum ridge is evident. Wonderful case.

Florida fan