Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Case of the Week 260

The following were found in a cod fillet from a grocery that prides itself on "fresh, never frozen" fish.  When these were brought to the attention of the grocery store staff, they were not surprised, and instead saw this as an indication of how fresh their fish were! 

Remember folks - Cook your fish until the flesh is white and flaky (for white fish) or freeze it thoroughly before serving it raw or rare!

Many thanks to Henry Bishop and Blaine Mathison who were kind enough to share these videos with me.


Anonymous said...

Anisakis spp.

DHH said...

Pseudoterranova decipiens--aka the cod worm although looking at the morphology by microscopy or PCR testing would be necessary to confirm this.

Anonymous said...

Pseudoterranova or Anisakis...Yikes!


(Not going to the sushi place for lunch today LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anisakis or Pseudoterranova. Great video!

JP said...

I'll echo the previous replies: Anasakis simplex.

Anonymous said...

Pseudoterranova decipiens or Anisakis simplex.

Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

You guys are gonna totally ruin my trip to Peru. ;)