Monday, December 30, 2013

Case of the Week 288

The following were seen in a Giemsa-stained thin blood film from a child from Cameroon.



Javier Casas said...

Plasmodium, ¿ovale?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking P. ovale as well. Lee

Happy New Year to all!

Marco Ligozzi said...

I think it is P.ovale
The picture show a trophozoite infecting an elliptical RBC with Shuffner’s stippling more evident especially at the edges of the erythrocyte. Malaria pigment is visbile.

Happy New Year to all
Marco Ligozzi

Unknown said...

Dr.Rajani here

Looks like Plasmodium ovale trophozoite
The parasitized erythrocytes are oval in shape and fimbriated at the top end
Cytoplasm is fairly regular, fleshy; pigment is scattered, coarse
We can also see Schuffner's dots in infected red blood cells, which is relevant to P.ovale infection; yet, these dots also appear in case of P.vivax infection.

Happy new Year :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice photographs of P. ovale. The shape and appearance of the infected RBC is consistent with this African plasmodium.

Florida Fan

Lukus Roberts said...

agree with P. Ovale - in the last picture is that a basophil next to the parasite?

Lukus Roberts said...

or perhaps i meant eosinophil...