Sunday, April 20, 2014

Case of the Week 301

The following fields were taken of a Giemsa-stained peripheral blood film from a businessman who recently returned from India.  Diagnosis?


Anonymous said...

P. vivax.

Anonymous said...

One freakin' gorgeous P. vivax.

Anonymous said...

Infected red cells larger than non infected RBCs, a predilection for reticulocytes. Schuffner dots presents. Geographic detail and all other clues points toward P. vivax.

Florida Fan

Marco Ligozzi said...

This was a case of malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax. Diagnostic morphologic features included:Amoeboid trophozoites with sturdy chromatin in enlarged red blood cells containing Sch├╝ffner's. Polygonal shape typical of P. vivax.

Marco Ligozzi
Dip patology and diagnostic University of Verona Italy

Anonymous said...

Vivax, for all of the above reasons, plus the edges take on the shape of the cell next to it (Learned that here LOL)


Anonymous said...

Plasmodium vivax