Saturday, October 25, 2014

Answer to Case 323

Thank you readers for giving your best guess for what my lab staff and trainees were for Halloween!  Here are the answers:

Mommy Taenia solium and her 3 motile proglottids. Note Jaydee's hooked rostellum, 4 suckers and proglottids of increasing length (arrows).  

As an interesting coincidence, these 2 ladies also came as T. solium with accompanying eosinophils for their dates.  Each have 3 proglottids in their costume.  Near the end of my 'wild' parasite party, the eosinophils degranulated and the parasites had to fend for themselves.
My lead tech and parasite queen extraordinaire came as a D. caninum egg packet containing ova with appropriately hooked onchopheres.

We also had a little parasite who couldn't make it to the party but was too cute to leave out:  a little Dermatobia hominis

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You have an awesome sense of humor and seem to enjoy your self while making learning fun!!