Sunday, November 29, 2015

Case of the Week 374

This lovely little family was found on a 20 year old male. Thanks to Florida Fan for donating this case!  Identification?


Anonymous said...

Itch mite

Unknown said...

Phthirus pubis, the crab louse. Two females are apparent by the presence of a bifurcate posterior, whereas the male (topmost, slightly smaller specimen in the first and last picture) has a rounded posterior. Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

Phthirus pubis crab louse...Lee

Unknown said...

Pubic Louse ( larger Claws for Coarser Hair ) !

Eagleville said...

Lousy Crabby (aka phthirus pubis)

Unknown said...

Phtirus pubis or Pthirus inguinalis (preferred recent name), parasite of human pubis, also commonly known as crab louse or pubis louse.

Could I get them ? :-)) Sorry Bobbi but I do appreciate such crawlies but only between slide and coverslip !
One say this species is endangered because of pubis hair removal... right ?

Some nice photos on my blog with egg (baby inside)!

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments, you always give us a few points to ponder and we appreciate that very much. Dr. Pritt gives us such a great learning tool and to tell the truth, I truly enjoy the learning experience from everyone.

Florida Fan

Dima El Safadi said...

Phtirus pubis (crab louse). The latter louse is distinguished from the pediculus capitis and pediculus humanis by its smaller size (less than 2 mm). Its 2nd and 3rd pairs of legs are wider and more powerful than the first pair of leg.

Dima El Safadi