Sunday, January 3, 2016

Answer to Case 379

Answer:  Dermatobia hominis, the "human botfly"

This myiasis-causing fly larva (maggot) has a distinctive appearance, with a robust body shape, often a tapered posterior end, and lack of spines on the 3 posterior-most segments. Examination of the posterior respiratory spiracles allows for definitive identification of 3rd instar larvae. In this case, the spiracles have 3 slightly-curved slits and a weak peritreme as shown below:
Blaine wrote us a nice poem for this case:
Riding in stealth mode on the head of a skeeter
It’ll crawl down the proboscis and into your skin disappear
For a while it’ll develop in a boil in your skin
Munchin’ on flesh from deep within
Then to pop out of your body and say ‘Happy New Year’

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