Monday, August 15, 2016

Case of the Week 409

Did you know that last week was National Public Radio's special series called Worm Week? You can check out their fun wormy posts HERE.

In keeping with the wormy theme, I thought I would revive one of my favorite cases from several years ago. I figured that the readers who only recently joined me might have not seen it, and it is definitely a good one. It was generously donated by Dr. Sandeep T.

The patient is a 27 year old woman with anemia and bilateral pedal edema extending to her knees bilaterally. She also reported a history of "vomiting a worm" so a colonoscopy was performed:

Some of the worms was removed for further examination:
Eggs were also seen in an ova and parasite exam from this patient:


Anonymous said...

Great video!! Fasciolopsis buski, I would think. Will be great to hear the travel and food consumption history.

Sheldon Campbell said...

Agree; Fasciolopsis. Eeew.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we still remember this case, Fasciolopsis buskii.
Very nice case, though we do not find them that often in the USA.

Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

Yep...what a fluke

Hans Naus said...

Paragonimus westermanni (lung fluke)

Hans Naus

Anonymous said...

My memory is still OK. Check Case 227, October 7,2012. This is the same case in which Dr. Pritt pointed out the ventral and bucal suckers.
Have a great day,
Florida Fan