Sunday, April 16, 2017

Case of the Week 442

This week's case was generously donated by Dr. Bryan Schmitt and Kayla Kirby. The patient is a middle-aged man from West Africa who presented with a chief complaint of worms in his stool. Four tan-white objects were received in saline and an egg was expressed from one of them.



Anonymous said...

Taenia saginata (> 13 primary lateral uterine branches). The eggs of T.solium and T.saginata are identical, so not useful to differentiate between the species.

Sugar Magnolia said...

I concur with the first post. Proglottids are necessary for differentiation between T. saginata and T. solium, and these are very nice representations of T. saginata gravid proglottids with greater than 13 uterine branches. Nice picture of Taenia egg as well, although species identification cannot be made from the egg alone. Nice case!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, the proglottids clearly show more than 13 primary lateral branches especially in the second picture. The egg is also typical of Toenia sp. The identification of Taenia saginata for sure is the choice.
Florida Fan

Unknown said...

Taenia egg.