Monday, August 21, 2017

Case of the Week 457

This timely case is from Florida Fan which he entitled "A Beast with Many Faces" due to this parasite's varying appearance with different stains/preparations. The following images were all taken by Florida Fan except for "A" which was taken by Emily Fernholz.

Images are all shown at 1000X original magnification (each line on the scale bar represents 1 micron).

Here is the key (all from stool):
A - wet preparation
B - iodine-stained wet prep
C - Trichrome stain
D - Wright Giemsa
E - Modified acid fast
F - Modified safranin



Sheldon Campbell said...

Cyclospora cayatenensis

William Sears said...


Idzi P. said...

Cyclospora indeed...
Anybody ever tried autofluorescence for Cyclospora?
It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they will autofluoresce under a correct UV wave length. Usually the wave length to read Calcofluor stain in Mycology, but not the one for the Cryptosporidium DFA.

Florida Fan