Monday, January 3, 2022

Case of the Week 667

Happy New Year! Here's a great case to start off 2022. A large structure (~25 cm-long) submitted to the Clinical Parasitology lab (found in stool).  Identification? 

Photo is courtesy of Heather Morris.



Anonymous said...

Ascaris lumbricoides adult to be differentiated male or female by posterior end.

Dr Alarcon said...

Ascaris lumbricoides

Anonymous said...

A whole bundle of Ascaris lumbricoides. With this many, definitely there has to be females to produce that many, and this aggregate may have a majority of females and a few males mixed in. Most cases with only male, the number of round worm submitted is only one.
Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

Actually if we make the picture larger, we can see the head of the Ascaris with its three lips.
Florida Fan

sara said...
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