Sunday, August 21, 2022

Answer to Case 693

Answer to Parasite Case of the Week 693: Strongyloides stercoralis larvae

As many of you mentioned, the large number of larvae is very concerning for strongyloides hyperinfection, so an urgent call to the treating physician is indicated. 

The single larva seen here is an rhabditiform (L1) larva. It has a short buccal canal (shown) and prominent genital primordium.

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Anonymous said...

There is actually a huge issue here that oncology and others need to understand and tackle. Transplanters know to screen/treat for strongyloides serologically those who are from geographically areas at risk. Oncologists do not seem to understand this although they have finally caught on to screening for HBV (probably some FDA black boxes and strongy should be added). Neurosurgeons are another group as they sprinkle Decadron in the water without thinking about as a potent steroid.