Monday, November 28, 2022

Case of the Week 703

 This week's case is from Idzi Potters, Michiel R., and the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp

An adult male with quite an extensive travel life as a photographer in Africa (DR Congo and Ethiopia), is now since 2 months in Rwanda when he finds the following structure of almost 15cm in length in his underwear (after having an awkward sensation at the level of the anus).

Can you identify this structure?


Dwight Ferris said...

Ascaris lumbricoides - with curved tail likely male

Anonymous said...

The curved tail is evidence of a male Ascaris lumbricoides. This is perhaps the most common intestinal parasite. If this patient is lucky enough to host only this one worm, subsequent stool exams for intestinal parasites may be negative indeed. Ascaris infection can usually be inconspicuous but at times can cause serious disease. Funny coincidence, its comrades can be found on Dr. Pritt’s calendar this month.
Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

You could convince me that this is an earthworm 🪱 after a rainy day! Spooky!

Environmentalist said...

Ascaris lumbricoides in its full forms. Maybe he forgot to take his schedule based anti-warm medicine.

Sam said...

Adult male or Ascaris lumbricoides. It can be differentiated from an earthworm as it lacks a clitellum (which is seen in earthworms in a reproductive state). Also the mouth parts of Ascaris and earthworms widely differ, which can be observed under a microscope.

Idzi P. said...

Hi everyone!
@Florida Fan: Do you think Dr. Pritt leaves anything to coincidence? ;-)
@Sam: If you zoom in (a lot) on the anterior part of the worm (bottom right) in the second photo, you can visualize the mouthparts of this nice specimen.

Anonymous said...

@ Idzi: Thanks for pointing it out, it must be a “Merry Christmas “ gift from Dr. Pritt as nobody should sweat over this case.
Florida Fan

ParasiteGal said...

@Florida Fan and Idzi - you two are very observant :)
This was such a great case that I couldn't let it wait until December!
Happy Holidays to you both!