Monday, December 12, 2022

Case of the Week 704

This week's case with fantastic photos and videos is courtesy of Dr. Harsha Sheorey. The following objects were seen in skin scrapings. Diagnosis?

Here are sections from the corresponding biopsy:


Eagleville said...
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Eagleville said...

Sarcoptes scabiei
"There once was a lady from Natchez whose clothing was always in patches.
When comment arose on the state of her clothes, she replied, "When I itches, I scratches" (ba-da-bum)

Dr.V H Pankaj, India said...

Sarcoptes scabiei: A real life situation noticed by a Prof of surgery, dramatised the situation of a winter when the infestant pounded with hyperinfection due to warmth in the woolen srugs or blankets one uses in season, a conducive source of hatching larva out from nits! *Scabies* treat the 👪

Pamela Durán said...

Sarcopetes scabie

Anonymous said...

I itched, I itched, I itched, from my interdigital spaces
To the back of the hands little pustules grew into pruritus patches.
Wasn’t only me the victim, the entire room of fellow inmates
Everyone was infested with Sarcoptes,
From the criminal inmates to the oppressed reactionary intellect
The scabies rendered justice without neglect.
Then one day as Diamond said:” We travel light today, not without a star
Home is a new shining place, the eye of the storm,
Freedom rains warm”…
Florida Fan

Paul Valenstein said...

I know what it is with no “maybes”
Not demodex, pthirus, or rabies
Once its eggs start to hatch
You'll do nothing but scratch
And your doctor will diagnose scabies.

Unknown said...

Sarcoptes scabiei