Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Answer to Case 736

Answer to the Parasite Case of the Week 736: Cimex sp., the human bedbug. Nymphs and an adult are present. The two species of Cimex that infest humans are C. lectularius (the common bedbug) and its tropical relative, C. hemipterus. As noted by Idzi and Florida Fan, the setae (hairs) are shorter than the width of the eye, which allows us to rule out other cimicids of birds and mammals that may temporarily infest human habitats.

Tanya Gravier provided a helpful link from the US Environmental Protection Agency on dealing with bedbug infestations in child care centers. As noted by Idzi, the risk is not with disease transmission, but rather with human bites at the center (e.g., during nap time), and with the possibility of bringing the infestation to the children's' homes.

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