Sunday, October 24, 2010

Case of the Week 136

The following punch biopsy was submitted for identification of an ectoparasite.

What is the preferred method for removing this ectoparasite?


Anonymous said...

That looks like an Ixzodes tick. Best way to remove it is grab the tick by the head using forceps and pulling straight out. Being careful not to break apart.

Anonymous said...

Ixodes, maybe scapularis. With the dog ticks, we use a small plastic forked device to engage the body and then gently pull and twist at the same time. bw in vt

Anonymous said...

Most likely Ixodes tick. After removal , the capitulum can be observed. Looks like it has an anterior anal groove that can be confirmed with a dissecting scope.

Anonymous said...

This is an Ixodes hard tick. Could be scapularis, scutal plate is the right shape. Need to see the capitulum. If this tick came thru our lab, without the capitulum we would call it Ixodes sp. unable to r/o scapularis. FP

Eagleville said...

Ixodes tick, female. Remove by pinching as close to the skin level as possible, fine forceps work best, but fingernails are perfectly acceptable. Don't worry about digging "to remove it all", you'll do more damage and retained mouth parts will quickly heal.