Sunday, October 31, 2010

Case of the Week 137

This following amazing case was generously donated by Dr. Donald Jungkind at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

The following objects were seen in a CMV shell vial viral culture from a bronchial aspiration.


Shell vial

Iodine-stained preparation:

Evidence of this parasite was also seen on the blood agar plate for bacterial culture.



Malassezia said...

Crazy Strongyloides stercoralis! I absolutely love the video!

I don't know if I can observe enough characteristics on the photos to differentiate it from hookworm larva, but the fact it was from a respiratory source is pretty convincing that this is Strongy.

Anonymous said...

I would agree it is Strongyloides. MMLNE

Anonymous said...

Stongyloides stercoralis, indeed. On Case of the Week 136, the histology could be interesting...was it sent to surg path?? BW in Vt.

ParasiteGal said...

Unfortunately, no surg path. But the worm morphology from the shell vial is classic. Neat case!