Sunday, April 17, 2016

Answer to Case 393

Answer: Ascaris lumbricoides larva, emerging from a fertile egg. The egg shows the characteristic thick wall with outer mammillations (bumps) that easily allows the identification to be made in this case.

Thanks again to my tech Emily for these amazing photos!


Jr. Williams said...

wow that is so interesting and it's a great art. thanks
Asbestos awarness

Anonymous said...

Great image!! If only one egg is found in a stool sample, is it considered infective? is it typical to find only one or are they found in large numbers typically?

Bobbi Pritt said...

Yes, even if one egg is present, we would recommend treatment. It's possible to have a low level infection and only see a few eggs. But the more eggs present, the greater the worm burden usually, and with the round worms, the more there are, the worse the disease is!