Sunday, April 3, 2016

Answer to Case 391

Answer: Coenurosis due to a canine tapeworm, Taenia multiceps, or Taenia serialis. Dogs and other canids are the definitive host, while humans are accidental intermediate hosts. These cestodes are seen worldwide, but most cases have been reported from Africa (where the patient in this case was from).

The diagnosis can be made by identifying multiple everted scolices (protoscoleces) within a large cystic structure. This differs from cysticercosis in which there is only a single protoscolex in each cyst. Note the presence of calcareous corpuscles throughout the stroma which is seen with all cestodes.

The CDC DPDx website has great macroscopic pictures of coenurosis which you can see HERE.


Robin Glenn said...

I am positive that I am infected with the canine tape worm in my whole body anit stated in my eye I lost my eye sight in my right eye a year ago

Robin Glenn said...

I have been looking for over 3yrs I have been told I was crazy that it's not possible to have a parasite in your eyes that they only live in our stomach but I have over 2000 pictures an videos that show otherwise

Robin Glenn said...

If u can enlighten me or educate me in anyway please contact me through my email