Sunday, April 24, 2016

Case of the Week 394

Happy Lab Week everyone!

This week's case was generously donated by Miranda D., and is a bit of a challenge. The following objects were seen in a stool parasite exam from a 70 year-old man with new onset diarrhea.

Identification? What other history would you like?


Kathy Murray Leisure, MD said...

Had the man been camping, drinking river or stream water (amoebas, giardia)? Had the 70 year old man used unwashed meat cutting boards or eaten undercooked chicken or poultry (cryptosporidians, microsporas)?

Khalid Elfeel said...

Spot Diagnosis Microsporidia spore with polar filament / micro tubule ??
Infect small intestine causing chronic diarrhea and malabsorption in patient with HIV or organ transplant treated with immunosuppressors .

Anonymous said...

One thing for certain, these objects seem to be ciliated. The unknown fact is that what was the total magnification in use? The ciliate we all know to cause diarrhoea is Balantidium coli, and if such scenario is correct then, the next question would be whether the patient has been around pigs? The two most likely encountered Balantidium coli and Balantidium suis could be the causative agents.
This case is challenging for sure and I am looking forward to an explanation.

Florida Fan

Miranda D said...

Wow so great to share all our knowledge together and thanks to Dr. Pritt for all she does managing blog! I had reached out to her for some guidance with this culture! Great stuff!
Thanks again!
Miranda D.