Monday, June 4, 2012

Case of the Week 210

The following biopsy is from the superior rectus muscle of a 70 year old woman with a retroorbital mass by CT and significant eye swelling.  She has never travelled outside of the United States and lives in the midwest.  Diagnosis? (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE)

(H&E, 20x original magnification)

(H&E, 40x original magnification)

(H&E, 100x original magnification)

(H&E, 200x original magnification)

(H&E, 200x original magnification)


Anonymous said...

I vote trichinosis (without looking up size) on the basis of muscle and no clever hx.

Lukus Roberts said...

evidently nematode, the question is, Trichinella (I see no significant nurse cell boundary), Baysilascaris (midwest USA and Racoons?) or another case of Toxocara ocular migrans? I'm not sure how to go out telling them apart and cant think of any other species which particularly like eyes...

schizo said...

I have no clue. But this is the coolest sight I have ever seen. Can we perhaps post some stuff too.

Anonymous said...

how about cysticercosis?