Monday, April 15, 2013

Case of the Week 254

This week's case is just a fun identification.  (Hint, these objects were obtained at the local hospital pharmacy...)


1.  What are they used for in the health care setting?
2.  Which bacteria is associated with them?


Anonymous said...

1. They are definitely very good at inducing blood flow! They can be used after reattachment of digits, as an example.

2. Aeromonas

Anonymous said...

Agree with the blood sucking ID as well as the micro.

Anonymous said...

Leeches! Typically used for reconstructive therapy and microsurgeries to help control venous congestion. Usually associated with Aeromonas pp. infection since they are prominent in the leech's gut flora.

Matthew Rollosson said...

I've had the pleasure (?) of applying leeches to a patient to reduce the size of a hematoma. The problem was, I couldn't get back to the patient before the leeches finished feeding, dropped off, and crawled away. They weren't hard to find, however, I just followed the trail of blood on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Hirudo medicinalis.
Aeromonas hydrophila is its symbiont.

Florida Fan

Agnes said...

I agree with all the answers : Hirudo medicinalis, Aeromonas bacteria

Anonymous said...

I agree as well: Hirudo medicinalis, Aeromonas bacteria