Monday, August 19, 2013

Case of the Week 270

The following were found in a stool specimen from a 52 year old immigrant from Vietnam with pancreatitis and right upper quadrant pain.  They measure between 30 to 35 micrometers in length.  Identification?

What is a feared complication of infection?


Poornima said...

Clonorchis sinensis or Opisthorchis eggs.. Liver flukes endemic in the Far east, can cause cholangitis and cholangiocarcinoma.

Anonymous said...

Clonorchis sinensis. Typical ova.

Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

clonorchis sinensis.

aspen said...

clonorchis sinensis. stone formation.

Anonymous said...

I had a case with Opistorchis felineus in 2011 from a woman who contracted it from a lake in Italy.
They were undistinguishable with Clonorchis sinensis.
We managed to identify the eggs by PCR done by Dr Pozzi in Roma.
They made carpacio from raw fish caught in the lakes.
45 people got ill.

Hans Naus

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment of Hans Naus, please see this paper by Edoardo Pozoio and colleagues.

Pozio, E. et al. (2013) Opisthorchis felineus, an emerging infection in Italy and its implication for the European Union. Acta Trop. 126, 54-62.