Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Case of the Week 271

The following objects were seen on a peripheral blood film from a 36 year old male who recently returned from an African safari.  Identification?

What is happening in this image (arrow)?


Scott said...

Trypanosome brucei

Anonymous said...

Trypanosoma gambiense/rhodiense.
bw in vt

Anonymous said...

Binary fission at the arrow.

Anonymous said...

Trypanosome - suspect rhodesiense since not as many tourists go to West Africa as the East African game parks.

How to differentiate Tsetse flies (the vector) from other flies?? They are the ones that just get pissed off when you hit them with a swatter - aggressive and mean - even attack your vehicle when driving through the bush.

Anonymous said...

Trypanosoma brucei/gambiense rhodesienne. Dividing in a binary fission.

Florida Fan