Monday, November 18, 2013

Case of the Week 282

The following is a corneal biopsy from a woman with a red and painful eye.

H&E, 100x magnification

H&E, 1000x magnification



Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Looks like Acanthamoeba but have never seen such a florid case so maybe immunosuppressed?

In SF it is usually teenage contact wearers who have never boiled their cases and we're lucky to find 1 smudgy parasite on bx.

Anonymous said...

Acanthamoeba...nice pics!


Anonymous said...

What a nasty case of Acanthamoeba. In the past cases I could only find a few using calcofluor white stain.

Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

Acanthamoeba... Im afraid the woman will lost her sight permanently

Anonymous said...

Acanthamoeba!NIce pics!