Monday, February 23, 2015

Case of the Week 338

This week's case was generously donated by Dr. Ribes at the University of Kentucky. It's a neat case with an unusual finding.

Photos are taken from an unstained stool concentrate at 100x total magnification. Note that there are 2 sizes of worms present. The largest worms measure 2 mm in length, while the smaller ones are between 200 - 600 micrometers in length.

Representative image of a smaller worm (from a different case):


Anonymous said...

L1 and L3 Strongy larva!? Very cool!

Unknown said...

Is lovely mother and (L1) babies of Strongyloides stercorales. Rare to see mommy in stool. Must have been heavy infection or serious purge.

Anonymous said...

Very unusual case of Strongyloides stercoralis. Size wise, the L1 rhabditiform larae measures around 200 nm, the L3 infective larva measures around 600 nm and the adult measures 2-3 mm.
The unusual aspect is that there are adult and L3 stages in this specimen since normally we only find the L1 or rhabditiform. The patient must have taken a strong purgative or a very severe I faction.

Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

I guess February is Strongyloides month! ;) Lee Great pics!