Saturday, January 7, 2017

Case of the Week 429

This week's case was generously donated by Dan Rhoads at the Cleveland Clinic. The following video and images were taken from a corneal culture. What are the objects seen here?

Pay particular attention to the object denoted by the arrows and arrow head:

If you watch the video closely, you can see some motion in the object outlined by the arrows above (enlarge the video to view using your full screen):


Emma Carmelo said...

Acanthamoeba, both cyst and trophozoite, maybe?

Anonymous said...

From the given source, the first thought that comes to mind is Acanthamoeba. Yes, the cyst picture is characteristic, however the trophozoite next to it is a bit difficult to visualise. There seem to be a few, very faint acanthopodia. A little more contrast through digital enhancement will be great.
Florida Fan

Eduardo Alfonso Hernández Muñoz said...

Acanthamoeba sp

William Sears said...

acanthamoeba cyst