Saturday, January 14, 2017

Case of the Week 430

This week's case is from an elderly institutionalized patient with diffuse thickened skin on her arms and back. A crust from skin was submitted for examination, and scrapings showed the following:

Many were hard to photograph because they kept moving! Identification?


Unknown said...

Scabies,. From the description "Norwegian scabies"

Anonymous said...

Itchy, itchy little buggy.
Wherever cramped and unsanitary
You spread, from one fellow inmate than another,
You itch, I scratch then the bacteria follow to bother.
From the spaces between the knuckles,
To where there is a skin fold you dwell
For the poor souls, you terrorize you inflict just hell.
Itchy, itchy little buggy,
Sarcoptes scabiei you're not funny.

Florida Fan

William Sears said...

sarcoptes scabei. Possibly norwegian scabies from description

Unknown said...

Sarcoptes scabiei