Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Case of the Week 466

Happy Halloween to all of my readers! This week's 'case' features costumes from my annual Halloween party. Can you guess what they all are?

Blaine Mathison:

One of our Clinical Microbiology fellows, Dr. Alexandra Bryson:

Patty and Sue:

The amazing Heather Rose and family:

Jeff and Diana:

And I came as "Parasite Gal"

Last but not least - cupcakes anyone?


Zobeida Diaz said...

Blaine: Enterobius v.
Jeff: Proglottids Taenia Solium and Diana, I'm sorry, it looks like a female tick.

M.C. Martín R. Hernández C. said...

Happy Halloween...Enterobius vermicularis, Onchocerca sp., Oestrus ovis, Clonorchis sinensis, Planorbidae snail and super Pediculus hominis capitis

Anonymous said...

E. vermicularis, microfilarium possibly a Loa Loa, myasis Dermatobia hominis, C. sinensis and Pediculus Superhumanus. Happy Halloween everyone.

Florida Fan

Idzi P. said...

Enterobius vermicularis; I'd go for Wuchereria bancrofti; Dermatobia hominis; an adult fluke with a freshwater snail; and parasite gal has both a louse (Pediculus humanus) and a bed bug (Cimex lectularius - mask).
Very nice cup cakes too!!!
Trick or treat!

Anonymous said...

E. vermicularis, Wuchereria bancrofti, Calliphora/Lucilia L-III, Clonorchis sinensis and snail vector and finally "The Captain Pediculus humanus".
Warm greetings everyone.

Idzi P. said...

Super! Heather Rose and family are Ixodes ticks, I think! (Shield and anal groove -sorry no offence intended)

Anonymous said...

Blaine looks like he might have Trichinella cysts.
Dr. Bryson has a non-staining sheath, and nuclei that don't extend all the way down th tail, so I think maybe Brugia timori?.
Patty and Sue have straight spiracular slits that point toward their buttons, and a complete peritreme. Lucilia?
I see a family of hard ticks, and then a fluke of some sort with it's host snail. Dicrocoelium?

I came to work yesterday as a hookworm.
Two hookworms, really.

Mark Fox

Bobbi Pritt said...

I’d love to see photos Mark! Bobbi

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how to share them here, so I posted them on your google+ page. I'm already thinking about next year's costume!

- Mark

Bobbi Pritt said...

Mark, can you email them to me at b_pritt@yahoo.com? I’m having trouble accessing the links you sent me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,somehow I missed the whole family of Ixodes.

Florida Fan