Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy 'Turkey Day'

This is a special post to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers. Can you all see the turkey head in the following blood smear? (you may need to use your imagination a bit).
The image is courtesy of my awesome lab education specialist Emily Fernholz. Can you tell what Plasmodium species is shown here?
The answer to Case of the Week 469 will be posted tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the turkey's beak is to the right. The infected red cell is smaller than the non infected ones, this shows a predilection for mature red cells a characteristic consistent with P. malariae.
By the way the turkey seems to come a bit early at 5:05 am.

Florida Fan

William Sears said...


Bobbi Pritt said...

Yes, I suppose it's a bit early for turkey at 5:05am! I was on a flight back from Israel, so it was actually much later there :)