Sunday, December 29, 2019

Answer to Case 575

Answer: Ctenocephalides canis. This nice little male flea has characteristic pronotal and genal combs, and a more rounded head than C. felis. There are other important differentiating characteristics as well (you can read about them HERE) and so identification to the species level is best performed by experts.

Thanks to Anon for the lovely poem. I should have thought of this for Christmas!
Anonymous said...
a little late, I would have preferred a fleas navidad..
fleas navidad, fleas navidad
oy contraro fleas are so bad.
I want to wish you a itchy Christmas
I want to wish you a itchy Christmas
from the bottom of my scratch...
Happy New year, all....

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and productive New Year, full of fascinating parasite cases!
Bobbi (a.k.a. ParasiteGal)


Kosta Y. Mumcuoglu said...

By looking at the pictures in the publication of Linardi & Santos, 2012, I came to the conclusion that it is Ctenocephalides felis and not Ctenocephalides canis. The head is rather flat than in Ct. canis and the first spine in the pronotal comb is rather long.

ParasiteGal said...

Good points Kosta. I actually think it's a bit hard to tell from this image, so I'm going to just change it to Ctenocephalides sp. Thank you for the comment!